All of UNEX infrastructure is built with performance, reliability, and security in mind. We strive to deliver user-friendly and attractive products, that seamlessly fit our customer's company, using the latest technologies and developments. Besides delivering a sleek and dynamic product, we also provide long-term support and various scalability options. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning these services.


The effectiveness of UNEX services is confirmed by ongoing client evaluations and annual independent verification of our economic impact. UNEX programs and services are regularly reviewed by federal and state funding partners. We combine industry knowledge with state of the art technology to help you acquire, manage and optimize today’s top talent. Our experienced team of staffing professionals and our broad in-depth industry knowledge, allow us to partner seamlessly with small and large organizations and meet their specific goals and objectives.


Our professional staff establishes valued relationships with UNEX clients designed to produce meaningful and effective results. We provide an unparalleled range of services, supported by detailed industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts. In an aggressive and ever evolving market, our success derives from professional recruitment techniques combined with a true understanding of our client's technical and commercial needs.


The UNEX maintains strong partnerships with many federal and state agencies; local, state, and national financial institutions; and non-profit organizations. Our connections with literally worldwide, regional, and local economic development organizations allow us to reach thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs each year. These partnerships also provide valuable resources to the UNEX and our business clients.